Studio Dress Code

Proper classroom attire is fundamental to your training.  We feel very strongly about the importance of a dress code.

Absolutly no t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans or street pants will be allowed. No loose fitting clothes for dance! Pack your dance bag with all you need the night before if you are riding the school bus.  Please come prepared!

Tight fitting clothing lets you move freely and safely and allows your teacher to make sure you are using your muscles correctly and have the correct dance posture to execute movements properly.  By coming to class in the appropriate attire, you show pride in what you are learning as well as being respectful to your teachers and the art of dance.

Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Pointe: Leotards, dance shorts, leggings, tights and jazz pants for jazz are examples of appropriate dance attire.   You may also wear a short skirt with your leotard.  Legwarmers and dance sweaters may be worn when it is very cold.

Please have appropriate shoes for each dance form!

If you are taking a pointe class, practice tying your ribbons at home so you do not waste valuable class time.  Please put bandaides and tape, if necessary, on your toes before class starts!

Tumbling/Cheer: Please where exercise pants (i.e. yoga pants, soffe shorts for girls and sweatpants for boys) No denim shorts or pants.

Hair: Girls with long hair: A bun is preferred, but secured into a ponytail will be accepted.

All hair lengths: Pin hair back out of your face.  It can be dangerous to turn, leap and jump, if  you cannot see where you are going.