Class Etiquette

To make the most out of your dance education, a respectful attitude and regular attendance is expected.

  • Do not talk during class.  If you have a question for the teacher, raise your hand.   Pay attention while others are dancing or being corrected.  This is one of the best ways for you to learn.

  • Cell phones are to be stored in the cell phone keeper on the wall.  No texting and snap chatting during class.

  • Please use the bathroom before class begins.

  • Do not interupt the lesson to use the drinking fountain.  You may bring a water bottle into the classroom.

  • Do not chew gum.

  • Do not sit on the floor in between exercises-practice your good posture and stretching.

  • It is a custom to thank your teacher at the end of class with a small curtsey or bow.

  • Applaud each other for accomplishments and help where you see a need.

  • Give your best effort with a positive attitude.

  • If you are observing a class, please keep it quiet or to a whipser, if you must, and for safety's sake, no running around.

  • Have a great class!